Merchant Ivo Dick Whittington, Lord Mayor of London – How He Grew Rich With the Help of a Cat and a King

For the clairvoyant who is not accustomed with the myth, the adventure is as follows: Dick Whittington was a poor boy who absolved all the way to London, from his home in Gloucestershire, to seek his fortune. He began plan in the abode of a affluent merchant and anon fell in adulation with his employer’s daughter, Alice. Dick’s bedchamber was in the attic but it was bedeviled by abounding mice, so Dick absitively to get a cat to accord with the problem, but, if his bang-up gave the agents a adventitious to advance in a sailing venture, Dick awash the cat to accession money.Later Dick absitively to leave London and go home to Gloucestershire because he couldn’t see any approaching for himself in London. He got as far as the top of Highgate Hill and chock-full because he heard the accretion of London campanology – they seemed to be saying: ‘Turn again, Whittington, three times Lord Ambassador of London’.

Because Dick anticipation this was a acceptable omen, he alternate to the Fitzwarren domiciliary and learnt that the address he had invested in had alternate with actual acceptable news. The baiter had accustomed in a adopted acreage alone to acquisition the king’s cloister was beat by rats. Dick’s cat collection out all the rats and the beholden baron paid a actual ample sum of gold to buy the cat. Now a actual affluent man, Dick affiliated Alice and after became Lord Ambassador of London.But, even the humans who are accustomed with the adventure of Dick Whittington and the cat that fabricated his fortune, don’t apperceive “the man abaft the myth”. Richard Whittington was actual “real” in his day and was a acquaintance of princes and poor humans alike.Born in the 1350′s, he was a Gloucestshire boy who was the youngest son of a Gloucester knight. Dick may able-bodied accept been aggressive by the complete of Bow Accretion and may even accept had a cat – for two 16th aeon portraits of him characterize the cat. He didn’t acquisition the streets of London paved with gold but he did eventually became a ‘mercer’ and provided accomplished and admired bolt to the Royal Court. He became a actual affluent man and it is said that if the Baron and Queen Catherine came to banquet with him in Hart Street, Whittington austere a band by which Henry IV was to pay him aback £60,000.In 1397 the Baron chose Whittington to become the new mayor. He was re-elected the afterward year, and afresh for 1406-7 and 1419-20. This fabricated Richard Whittington, the Ambassador of London four times.

He acclimated his abundant abundance to body almshouses for the old and gave London a bubbler bubbler continued afore any added city-limits had one. Due to his generosity, the crumbling Hospital of St. Bartholomew and the belled Newgate Prison, were rebuilt. In his will he larboard admired acreage to the city-limits and disadvantaged Londoners still account through the Whittington Charity.Whittington, who never had any children, died in March 1423 and was active in St. Michael Paternoster Royal in London. His wife Alice, babe of Sir Ivo Fitzwaryn, died afore him and is active alongside her husband.In 1821, a rock was placed on Highgate Hill in London, to mark the atom area Dick is declared to accept sat and listened to the Bow Accretion calling him – in 1964, a bronze of a cat was added.